9 Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes To Give You Confidence

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

Here are some of the best inspirational body positivity quotes to help you learn to appreciate yourself.

Body positivity is about encouraging everyone to have a positive body image. That is regardless of shape, size, age, gender, or anything else.

It’s about learning to love and appreciate your body as it is, not hating yourself because you don’t, in your own eyes, meet the same standards as an airbrushed or filtered Instagram model.

Self-acceptance is tough. Loving your body when you don’t feel good about it (for whatever reason) is tough. Hopefully some of these will help you out with whatever you’re dealing with right now.

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

Best Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

Healthy looks different on everybody

100% true. When you see someone, you see a snapshot of their physical appearance. You don’t see the stories behind where they are, you don’t see the scars they might have.

All you see is a snapshot. And it’s no one else’s place to judge someone else based off of that snapshot.

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

Life doesn’t happen on food labels

Not appreciating your body usually ends up overlapping with diet culture and eating disorders. This in turn can lead to a damaging relationship with foods and obsessing over nutrition intake.

Take it from me and my years of experience with dieting, life very definitely does not happen on food labels!

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

“You look like you lost weight” is not a compliment

In a “thin is better” society, it is easy to think that complimenting someone on their recent weight loss is positive.

But for all you know, you might be complimenting someone on the symptoms of depression or another mental health issue, an eating disorder, some other illness, how they cope with stress, or something else which may be damaging their mental or physical health.

When you get a compliment that is not related to appearance, you know that person has made an attempt to make a deeper connection with you.

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

Even if we all ate the same, we would still look different

While we can all get similar nutritional and health benefits from the same foods, our bodies and minds are all unique.

2 people following an identical diet – even if they’re the same, age, height, and weight – probably won’t get identical mental or physical results from that.

Understand that we’re all different and what works for someone else might not work for you. And it doesn’t need to.

You do you.

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

You can’t hate yourself into loving yourself

I always say that any positive change you want to make for yourself needs to come from a place of self-love, not self-hate.

Otherwise, it won’t last.

There’s no road that leads you to suddenly loving yourself by continuously hating yourself. That has to come from within you first.

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

You don’t need anyone’s permission to feel epic

If you have read my other posts, this should go without saying now.

But just in case you need a reminder. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to feel a certain way.

That can mean you don’t need anyone’s permission to feel sad or depressed.

But the good news is it also means you need zero permission from anyone else to allow yourself to feel epic.

And that in itself is also… epic.

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

Your ideal weight is the one where you feel happy, healthy, nourished, and can live your best life.

One of the most common questions I get asked in the fitness industry is how to lose weight quickly.

The mechanics of weight loss is pretty easy. But losing weight is not the same as losing weight + being healthy + feeling nourished + feeling happy + enjoying your life.

And that is what trips a lot of weight loss seekers up on their journey.

Your “ideal” weight should be where you feel both happy and healthy and can enjoy your life.

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

There’s ZERO reasons to not start loving your body right now.

Simple fact.

You have one body. You will only ever have one body. In our lifetimes at least.

It does everything for you and with you.

You can feel angry and frustrated with it at times.

But there is no reason to not love it.

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

There’s no better middle finger to your doubters than self-love

This one is for all the fatphobic people and the body-shaming ones out there, who seem to have an irrational hatred for people with a less than “airbrushed perfect” body shape.

There is no greater act of defiance, and no better middle finger than just doing you, being yourself and living your best life.

Inspirational Body Positivity Quotes

What Are Your Favourite Body Positivity Quotes?

I’ll keep adding more and more to my list and putting out more and more content with inspirational body positivity quotes if it’ll help give you that tiny spark or little boost when you’re feeling less than awesome.

What are some of your favourite inspirational body positivity quotes?

Let me know – you can find me on the social media profiles below.

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