Business Update – #001 What The Hell Am I Even Doing?

I’ve managed to weave myself into a freaking tangled web.

Like seriously this is some kind of head-spinning, bizarre, twisted knot and all I seem to keep doing is rewriting to-do lists in some vague hope of getting my act together.

The Back Story

I came into 2020 full of hopes and some ambitious goals.

I was working a stable job that I loved, was in a great team and earning well.

Plus working remotely.

I was planning on spending a few months (over the course of the year) travelling.

I was going to get a new car.

I was going to look at maybe saving up for a mortgage.

I was going to start trying new things to get out of my comfort zone and actually live my life.

Corona of course had other ideas.

My now former employers lost most of their client base in a frantic week in March and in all honestly, did an absolute sh!t show of a job in handling their response – and in showing any kind of empathy or kindness.

(On a side note, I’ll be surprised if they’re around for much longer but let’s see what happens…)

Anyway, I came out of that job with a decent amount in savings and some idea of what I wanted to.

What I lacked however was confidence and clarity.

So Here’s What Happened…

There is an absolute ton we can unpack here but let’s just break it down into a few easy to follow bullet points:

  • I came up with an idea
  • I didn’t think I’d be good enough
  • I decided to try to find a workaround for above perceived weakness
  • That search for workaround led me to focusing my attention on something else
  • Which then started the cycle again

And now I’m in this weird and kind of unfathomable position where I have 7 things I’m currently working in a pipeline, none of which are off the ground and my already low confidence is even lower.

But that’s why I am writing this (this site is one of the 7 things by the way).

I am keeping a running blog or documentation of what I do – it’ll hopefully give me some accountability and structure and something to look back on and review my progress.

And if like me, you ever feel like you’re not good enough or you’re procrastinating or feel like an imposter or scared or nervous or anxious about getting started – hopefully something in here will give you some inspiration to push ahead.

So The 7 Projects

I am very definitely at some point going to screw up my numbering and order of these.

But at the minute there are 7 things I am actively working on in some form or have at least made some progress in setting up.

That’s not counting the vault of ideas which has another 10 ideas sitting and waiting to be acted on.

At least I have shown a **tiny** bit of restraint and said no to acting on any of the other 10… for now?

So these 7 things. I say 7 but really I feel like that’s exaggerating as a couple of them are identical services/offerings with slightly different audiences and a couple of them are just documenting stuff so it’s just a public display of self-review more than anything.

But here they are. I’ll start to drop in links and things from my own portfolio page if I ever set one of those up, but the names are good enough for now.

Brand 1 – Limitless Fitness

Online fitness coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Brand 2 – Fitter Body Plan

Body confident fitness for people who struggle with serial dieting and borderline eating disorders

Brand 3 – Web Business Labs

My main copywriting, online marketing, funnel building services

Brand 4 – Easy Fitness Marketing

The same as Brand 3 effectively but with a very clear focus on the fitness industry. Having brands 1 and 2 help as case studies or documentation for my followers/leads/customers.

Brand 5 – Happy Healthy Nerd

Mainly my own personal fitness blogging with some stuff about men’s mental health, eating disorders and body confidence thrown in too. So again, documenting.

Brand 6 – Super Simple Mode

My blog documenting all the knowledge and and tactics and strategies I’m using on the various business things I’m working on.

I haven’t quite figured out the monetisation or business model yet but it is turning into a handy resource to be able to turn back to.

Brand 7 – AbhiG (You’re already here)

If Brand 6 is the tactics and the micro stuff, this site is the bigger things. The thought process, mindset, strategic moves and the personal side of running a business (or at least trying to launch too many things at once like an absolute idiot even though I should definitely know better).

I struggle with mindset and I don’t think I’m a natural leader or entrepreneur.

I’m naturally introverted and shy and quiet and constantly scared of putting myself “out there”.

But I know plenty of others are – plenty of you reading this (at the time of writing I have zero reader sbut hopefull by the time you read this that might have changed…) go through those same struggles.

So it feels good to be able to do something to share or to help.

My aim is going to be a weekly business update on what I’ve been doing and how each project is going.

And at least once a week on something around mindset or strategy or philosophy and how it’s helping me.

And also books. I read a lot so I can drop in a few cliff note summaries of key take aways from what I read.

Which again, will hopefully help.

So that’s where I am with things.

That’s the sheer stupidity of the size of task I’m taking on.

Sometimes you need to apply that pressure to succeed and I usually do best when I have that pressure because my brain seems to like toying with me and waits until then to switch on.

And that is exactly what I’m doing here.

So for my fellow reluctant entrepreneurs, let’s go!

About Abhi

I'm Abhi. I geek out on fitness and marketing and entrepreneur stuff and to be honest if you've gotten as far as reading this box, I'm impressed. Hit me up on other places - Insta, LinkedIn or Twitter all good choices.