Daily 9 #005 – 11 September 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. The resilience I’m building from getting into running again
  2. My new Ninja blender and thick smoothies
  3. Having dedicated Friday afternoon family time

3 x Wins

  1. Found breathing exercises to stop my late night eating
  2. Quickest 30 minute run pace in years
  3. Got entire email auto responder sequence set up for my first funnel

1 x Mindset

Lead measures are things that you can control and input. Lag measures are results from input and circumstances.

Focus on lead measures because they’re what you can control.

For example you can’t control how quickly you lose weight or where on your body it goes from.

You can control how many workouts you do and how balanced your nutrition is – that’s your lead measure.

1 x Learning

Email open rates are usually 20-50% if you know your audience and the right subject lines.

That compares to organic reach on Facebook and Instagram of 2-5% – and engagement on organic posts is even lower.

1 x Random fact

In the Ancient Greek Olympics, a wrestler named Arrhicion was dead when he won.

He was being suffocated by his opponent but managed to dislocate his opponent’s toe.

His opponent yielded because of the pain but at the same time, he died from being suffocated.

But because he didn’t yield, he was declared the winner.

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