Daily 9 #007 – 13 Septmeber 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. New office chair that doesn’t keep collapsing
  2. Learning to meditate to keep me calm and anxiety at bay
  3. With Covid, none of my family or immediate circle has had any major symptoms

3 x Wins

  1. First funnel completely set up, tested and ready to go
  2. Completed 1 full week of journaling (hi!)
  3. Blocked out time for yoga and actually did it

1 x Mindset

You’re much more likely to get to your goal if you’re tracking and reporting back to someone who is keeping you accountable.

Bonus: Know your talent – For me, I’ve worked out I’m in my element when I’m studying and presenting new info rather than being extroverted and charismatic. I need to use it.

1 x Learning

`Pinterest is a surprisingly good traffic source apparently. I need to explore this more.

1 x Random fact

John Harvey Kellogg was a religious fanatic who believed masturbation was one of the worst sins.

He was also a medical doctor and ran his own sanatorium.

He believed bland, flavourless foods would help against a wide variety of illnesses and that included reducing masturbation.

So that bowl of corn flakes you’re having first came out to stop people from hand to gland combat.

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