Daily 9 #011 – 17 September 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. Paul Mort’s 82 Rules To An Unstoppable Life PDF
  2. Getting my Bionic Gym set up
  3. Greg Jenner and the You’re Dead To Me podcast for being entertaining and informative

3 x Wins

  1. Completed my first 30 minute HIIT cycle class on Peloton
  2. Completed rebranding for brand 2
  3. Fixed SSL issues on brand 1’s website

1 x Mindset

Be grateful for everything. You GET to do things, not you HAVE to.

  • You GET to work out – not everyone’s that lucky
  • You GET to go to work, some people would be grateful for ANY job
  • You GET to eat balanced nutritious meals, not everyone can afford it

Bonus: Focus on spreading kindness and empathy and you can’t go wrong.

1 x Learning

Instagram still allows 30 hashtags per post but I’m seeing a lot of accounts staying under 20. Worth testing sticking to fewer hashtags, medium popularity.

1 x Random fact

Ancient Greek and Roman statues were actually not white, off-white or neutral colours. They tended to be really bright and garish and the colour over time was either lost, or removed.

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