Daily 9 #013 – 19 September 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. Family brunch for the first time in years
  2. My new-ish resilience to keep turning even when scared or doubting myself
  3. The change in my work situation giving me a ton more mental clarity

3 x Wins

  1. Brand 2 funnel hub done
  2. 21k steps – think that’s one of my best this year and definitely best in the last few months
  3. Epic one pot meal for the family

1 x Mindset

Stop saying you’re bad at something, start saying you’re working on something

Bonus: Successful people are scared too. But they don’t let it stop them. You need to adopt that mindset.

1 x Learning

Don’t overthink lead magnets. They should be SAGE – short, actionable, goal oriented, easy to consume.

You don’t need a complex webinar or video series. Just the first step of the journey.

1 x Random fact

The original patent for the fire hydrant… was lost in a fire.

About Abhi

I'm Abhi. I geek out on fitness and marketing and entrepreneur stuff and to be honest if you've gotten as far as reading this box, I'm impressed. Hit me up on other places - Insta, LinkedIn or Twitter all good choices.