Daily 9 #038 – 14 October 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. Perseverance to get my journal transferred
  2. Rediscovering Parineeta songs
  3. Mum making an epic pasta meal

3 x Wins

  1. Getting my entire journal shifted here
  2. New lead magnet for Brand 1 completed
  3. New low weight 76.7kg – lowest in months

1 x Mindset

You need to know your own direction clearly or you’ll struggle to get there – imagine even being 1 degree off in navigation you could end up miles off course.

1 x Learning

Medium is a good platform to post on – and you can import your best blog posts without Google marking them as duplicate content.

1 x Random fact

I’ve always been fascinated by space and the universe and the mind boggling realisation of how big it actually is so this one hit me.

It would take 1.3 million Earths to fill up the Sun.

So the Earth is already tiny compared to the Sun but…

If all the stars in the universe were each represented by a grain of sand, and you were to total up all the sand on earth – so from deserts, beaches, anywhere else….

Combine all of that and the Sun wouldn’t even make up 1 grain of sand.

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