Daily 9 #042 – 18 October 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. My Sunday feel good rides
  2. Denis Morton’s yoga classes
  3. The laughs Tiktok has given me

3 x Wins

  1. Powered through spin + core + yoga
  2. Got all steps done in the morning
  3. Addressed mindset about ads + funnel

1 x Mindset

You won’t know if something’s working until you start!

1 x Learning

Sometimes simple, straight to the point ad copy is all you need – refer to Sam Ovens’s funnel

1 x Random fact

Pheidippides, whose run from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to announce victory is what inspired the marathon race, actually ran a lot further.

He ran 150 miles from Athens to Sparta to request help from the Spartans for the battle, then he ran 150 miles back, before running the 26 miles from the battlefield to Athens to let the Athenians know they had won.

He is said to have died from exhaustion immediately after delivering the message but it was not just the 20-something mile run that contributed to that exhaustion.

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