Daily 9 #057 – 2 November 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. A pen and paper for when ever I feel overwhelmed
  2. My wireless headphones
  3. My pull up bar

3 x Wins

  1. Not going and meddling with my ads again even though I wanted to
  2. New branding for niche marketing brand done
  3. Logging out of Twitter to claim some time back

1 x Mindset

With everything going on, someone somewhere might still be alive because you observing social distancing and wearing a mask stopped you from unknowingly infecting them.

1 x Learning

B2B targeting on Facebook is usually better with a warm audience so a video views campaign to run some kind of ‘alignment’ phase might be useful.

Something to explore.

1 x Random fact

The most fatal shark attack in history happened after the USS Indianapolis was sunk by the Japanese navy in the Pacfic Ocean, a few days before Hiroshima.

It’s estimated up to 150 sailores and crewmen survived the attack from Japan, only to die in the water from exhaustion, heat, salt poisoning or the shark attacks.

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