Daily 9 #069 – 14 November 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. Oreo barfi – was awesome
  2. Roar ice cream – again, awesome
  3. My family – always make me feel better, no matter how down I am

3 x Wins

  1. Had a great Diwali
  2. Got my steps in
  3. Hit my Peloton 45 day streak

1 x Mindset

There are a lot of things you can’t control. In fact the only thing really in your control is your reaction to the things you can’t control.

1 x Learning

It is a good idea for a blog to embed your optin form in each post and sidebar, and also a separate menu option in the main navigation. You can use Optin Form plugin by Fantasy Themes. It’s quick and easy.

1 x Random fact

The gender pay gap, according to the Explained series on Netflix is actually more of a motherhood pay gap.

It still exists but apparently women with no children in the US earn 96% of what men earn, whereas mothers in the workplace earn something like 65-70% so according to this documentary, that’s where the main pay gap is likely to be.

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