Daily 9 #072 – 17 November 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. My ability to find new opportunities
  2. My self-awareness – I 100% know what my fears are and it’s constantly front of mind to attack them. I might just need an accountability buddy or something to push me, maybe?
  3. Me – honestly, I feel like I’m at rock bottom most evenings at the minute but I keep turning up and trying to push on. I’m flawed, I’m scared, I’m anxious and I try to put off the things I need to do that actually terrify me. But I keep turning up and keep working on overcoming those blocks, especially seeing as they’re all mental blocks rather than physical barriers.

3 x Wins

  1. 2 job applications done and sent
  2. Completed content strategy map out
  3. Nutrition back on track

1 x Mindset

Memento mori.

Everything is temporary and we’re all going to die.

There’s no point being scared of doing the stuff you’re scared of doing.

There’s nothing worse than leaving a legacy of unfulfilled potential – especially when we can die at any time.

1 x Learning

I’m much better with my podcasts when I write a script. I don’t stick to it word for word but I have a much better direction.

1 x Random fact

The first book on dieting was published in 1863 – Letter On Corpulence, Addressed To Public by William Banting.

It was largely written as a personal testimonial – the way a lot of informercials for dieting tend to still be done today.

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