Daily 9 #088 – 3 December 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. Being able to learn about new software quickly
  2. My home training options
  3. Chill out lists on Youtube

3 x Wins

  1. Completing my tech test for job
  2. Getting my outreach list done
  3. Set up as freelance writer

1 x Mindset

Ask yourself at every moment “is this necessary?” because usually it isn’t.

1 x Learning

Warm outreach to offer some free support with a long term view is a wise move

1 x Random fact

There is such a thing as a pizzly bear – when a polar bear and grizzly bear mate.

About Abhi

I'm Abhi. I geek out on fitness and marketing and entrepreneur stuff and to be honest if you've gotten as far as reading this box, I'm impressed. Hit me up on other places - Insta, LinkedIn or Twitter all good choices.