Daily 9 #091 – 6 December 2020

3 x Gratitude

  1. Getting to experiment in the kitchen
  2. Sugar Rush Christmas
  3. Getting to re-work my training routine

3 x Wins

  1. 45 minute spin
  2. Office re-done
  3. 100 days of Fitbit step target hit

1 x Mindset

Only say and do what is essential. Focusing on the non-essential loses you time, energy and tranquility.

1 x Learning

Your Facebook pixel needs some data to age a bit.

1 x Random fact

Women in Chittor have committed the act of jauhar (mass suicide by self immolation) on 3 occasions.

About Abhi

I'm Abhi. I geek out on fitness and marketing and entrepreneur stuff and to be honest if you've gotten as far as reading this box, I'm impressed. Hit me up on other places - Insta, LinkedIn or Twitter all good choices.