How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

how to lose weight without dieting

We all look at the idea of dieting with dread. I don’t think anyone ever gets excited or happy about the prospect of going on a diet. But if you switch your mindset and approach, it is very much possible to lose weight without dieting, at least in the traditional sense of “dieting”.

The Great Diet Myth

We’re used to seeing images and hearing about experiences of constant hunger, weird teas and juices, living off salad, no more treats, no more alcohol.

And basically treating it like a punishment that we’re willing ourselves to sign up for.

The media seems to love reinforcing that idea again and again.

And the diet, weight loss and fitness industries don’t really seem to be much better. They focus more on getting you rapid and unsustainable results than thinking about your long-term health.

But trust me when I say, with a hell of a lot of experience, it doesn’t have to be anything like that.

The Truth About Dieting For Weight Loss

For a healthy, sustainable diet for pretty much any fitness goal or any weight loss goal or any health goal, you don’t usually need to ban any foods unless you’ve been advised by a doctor, you have a medical reason, or perhaps there’s some other problematic issue.

With my binge eating disorder, for example, I know some specific foods are trigger foods for me. So I eliminate those, but otherwise, I don’t really have any medical or biological need to ban any other foods.

You also definitely don’t need to live off of salad.

You can get a lot of variety of salad and I really enjoy salad, but if that’s not for you, that’s fine.

And you definitely don’t need to be taking any teas or pills or powders or potions.

Stop Trying To Tear Yourself Down

It’s very common with diets to think about all the foods that we need to eliminate or the things that we can’t have.

Dieting also makes it sound like we need to do something to diminish ourselves or reduce ourselves down.

How about, instead of thinking about dieting, we try focusing on nourishment.

So instead of thinking “I want to lose a certain amount of weight, so I need to ban this, this, and this” how about looking at it this way:

I want to be able to do X, Y and Z and having these amounts of these foods will give my body the nourishment it needs to help me get there.

It’s much more positive. It’s building you up to something and it’s not trying to tear yourself down.

Think About What You CAN Have

Next up, a common issue with dieting is we end up focusing so much on the foods that we can’t have or that we think we can’t have.

First of all, barring a medical condition or other problematic issues like I mentioned about my binge eating, no foods on their own – as part of a healthy, balanced eating plan – are bad for you or are going to stop you from getting to your goals.

Yes. Some have better nutritional value than others.

Yes. Some are going to fit in more easily than others, but that doesn’t mean you have to ban any.

And yeah. Maybe if you are looking at a fat loss or weight loss goal, you can’t have as much of some things that you were having before.

But again, that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate them entirely.

And even then that reduction in amount might only be temporary until you get to a certain goal.

And also, instead of thinking about the things you can’t have, maybe try focusing on the things that you can have.

So again, switching your focus to something positive, makes it a little bit easier to process.

Think About Sustainability To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Crash dieting is common, but try thinking about sustainability.

This thought process might help change your mindset.

You can go on a crash diet, lose a lot of weight, very quickly, hate the process throughout, be miserable throughout, come off the diet, put on almost as much, all of, or maybe even more than the weight that you lost.

And so you basically went through all that and gotten yourself back to square one.

Or you can try changing to a more positive focus, focus on nourishing yourself, and you might find that you’ll make that process a lot more enjoyable and a lot more sustainable.

You might get slower results, but you’ll actually enjoy the process. Some of those habits are more likely to stick afterwards. So that means you’ll also have results that last for longer.

So instead of thinking about dieting and trying to tear yourself down, try thinking about nourishing and building yourself up.

how to lose weight without dieting

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