How To Make Any Diet Easier

how to make dieting easier

Sorry about the clickbait, but it is a common question – what’s the best diet for fat loss or weight loss or for specific other goals. And that in itself is something that I can rant on about for a while.

But there is one thing you can do that with literally any diet or eating plan you follow, that’s going to make your process, and your journey to your goal with that plan a lot easier.

And that is to learn to cook vegetables in a way that you enjoy.

Well That’s Anti-Climactic

I’m sorry if you were expecting some great reveal or something – that’s probably the most anti-climactic reveal you could have expected.

But let me explain while you’re still here.

Pretty much every diet, whether that’s paleo, Slimming World, vegan low fat – pretty much all of them (Atkins and extremely low carb aside) have a very strong emphasis on getting a good amount of vegetables in.

So learning to cook vegetables in a way that you actually enjoy them is going to be key to making your journey on that diet or on that eating plan a lot easier.

That Doesn’t Mean Vegetable Swaps

And that doesn’t necessarily mean using vegetables as swaps for other things.

It’s become very fashionable to put cauliflower in everything. Now you’ve got cauliflower rice, cauliflower steak, cauliflower pizza.

And usually, these kinds of swaps are very disappointing and not fulfilling.

I cannot imagine anyone who was anticipating a juicy, meaty steak (or even a vegan alternative) being happy with a thick slice of cauliflower.

But having said that cauliflower is a dynamic and versatile food and you can cook it in a lot of different ways.

I’m a huge fan of oven-roast vegetables, especially whole roast cauliflower.

But what makes that enjoyable is the fact that I’m not trying to treat it as a substitute for something else. I’m treating it as what it is.

So I can prepare it and cook it in a way that’s specific to cauliflower, and it doesn’t turn out to be a disappointing swap for something else that I actually do want.

But pretty much any vegetables, just a little bit of olive oil, a little bit of salt in the oven and roast with blackened edges I’m good with. I’m quite easy like that.

I’m also a fan of mixing vegetables. So I’ll still roast them in the oven and then just mix them together.

One of my favourites is roast cauliflower, butternut squash, spinach, chickpeas, and then mixed with some fresh pomegranate, a little bit of lemon drizzle, a little bit of olive oil, a little bit of seasoning, and that’s a beautiful salad for me.

Making Any Diet Easier

But coming back to the point, if you imagine you’re on a diet or an eating plan and if you imagine what you are eating on a daily basis. If you can make a lot of that food consist of vegetables, you’re going to be getting a lot of the vitamins and minerals you need, a lot of the fibre you need and most of your nutrition bases are going to be covered too.

Now, if you enjoy the vegetables that you’re eating because you prepare them or cook them in a way that you know you enjoy, increasing your portions of vegetables will be a lot easier.

So by learning to cook vegetables in a way that you actually enjoy and appreciate and find fulfilling, you’re setting yourself up for success with pretty much any diet, any eating plan and any health goal.

how to make dieting easier

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