How To Tell If You’re Just Working Out For The Sake Of It

working out for the sake of it

Are you just working out for the sake of it?

And by that I mean just doing a workout or a certain type of training to tick a box and say that you’ve done a workout.

Let me start by saying that if that is you, that’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. And it’s nothing to feel awkward about either.

I completely get that not everyone enjoys working out, physical activity, or exercise. In this context, forcing yourself to do something that you don’t enjoy because you know that it’s going to have a long term benefit takes a lot of strength and determination.

It’s not an ideal position to be in, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Plus, as long as you’re doing it safely, some exercise and activity is always going to be better than no exercise or activity.

How Can You Tell If You’re Working Out For The Sake Of It?

There are a few tell-tale signs that this might be you.

You don’t have a specific goal or you haven’t had one in a while.

Every single workout you do, you approach it thinking, “I don’t really know what I want to do today.”

You don’t really feel challenged at any point during your workout.

You don’t enjoy your workout. Within that, there’s this sort of extra context that it’s a type of workout or type of training, that you’ve never enjoyed.

We all have good and bad workouts. So sometimes we will also have workouts that we don’t enjoy.

But if it’s something that you’ve just never enjoyed doing, then it probably sounds like you’re doing it just for the sake of it.

Working Out For The Sake Of It Is NOT Always A Bad Thing

As I already said, if you are doing it just for the sake of doing a workout, then that’s absolutely fine. It’s no one else’s place to judge you. As long as you are getting what you need from it.

You’re probably not going to be getting much in terms of results if you are doing it just for the sake of it.

As long as you understand that, then it’s helpful so you don’t feel disappointed that other people around you is making progress or getting to their goals.

I’ve already said – you do you.

But being able to move and train and exercise.

It’s a privilege and it does seem like a little bit of a wasteful endeavour to do it just for the sake of doing it.

Even if going to the gym or working out is just an escape from something else for you.

It can still be so much more than that if you want it to be.

How Do You Start Enjoying Your Workouts?

There are two main ways that I recommend.

Have A Goal

Number one is to have a goal.

Most fitness goals for most people tend to be around weight or appearance, but I always recommend having a performance goal because it gives your training some purpose and some real meaning.

In my case, once upon a time, it was just being able to get up a flight of stairs without being breathless. Then it was being able to touch my toes without needing to bend my knees.

140 pounds weight loss

But having a goal will give you a purpose. The purpose will help you get structure.

And structure will help you channel your energy and track your outcomes.

A really good example’s when I was doing in-person personal training. I had a client take up axe-throwing. They weren’t that interested in the workouts before, but when they tried axe-throwing, they absolutely loved it and suddenly their training became focused on getting better at that.

So they wanted to be able to hurl deadly weapons around with much more ease and yeah, that’s how they trained with me for some reason.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

And the next up tying in with that is to try something new.

A good example, because I have seen it quite a lot, is sometimes you’ll go to the gym with your friends and you’ll only do what they do.

You’ve never actually tried things that you’re curious about because you just do it with your friends, but there’s nothing to say don’t try something else and then just come back to what you were doing originally if you don’t enjoy the other thing you tried.

What Can You Take Away From This?

First of all, have a think. Do you think you’re working out just for the sake of working out?

If not, then great.

If you are, and you are still pushing through, despite not having a goal or purpose, then power to you – it takes mental grit and determination to do that.

But are you okay with using your time that way? If not, then maybe it’s time you set a goal or maybe it’s time you tried something new.

working out for the sake of it

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