Looking After Gynaecomastia Surgery Scars

Looking After Gynaecomastia Surgery Scars

Following on from my previous post about looking after abdominoplasty scars, I wanted to do a second part talking about looking after gynaecomastia surgery scars.

I’ll focus on my procedure and what I have been doing to care for the scars I have after my male chest reduction surgery.


A lot of the basics are similar but there are some nuances and specific considerations for the chest procedure that warranted a separate post and video.

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In case this is the first time you have come across one of my posts, the short summary of what you need to know is:

  • I lost 140 pounds from my heaviest to my lightest.
  • I was left with a lot of loose skin.
  • In March 2022 I had a combined abdominoplasty and chest reduction procedure to have the skin removed.
  • My recovery has been very smooth with no complications.
  • At the time of writing, in October 2022, I am well on the way to being fully healed. The scars need a bit longer and the last bit of swelling needs to go but I am almost there now.

140 pounds weight loss


I add this same thing to any time I talk about the procedure I had done.

I’m not a qualified medical professional. All I can do is share my own experience of this procedure and my understanding of the advice that was given to me.

You should always trust your own doctor, clinic, or medical care team and direct specific questions about your circumstances to them.

I am also referring to a couple of skincare products I use to help with the scars. As with anything new to your skin, please do a small patch test with anything you apply to your skin to help ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions.

My Chest Procedure

One thing to bear in mind is that the procedure I had done on my chest was a slightly less common way than other men that go through this.

It is common for the incision to be made straight across the chest to remove tissue, or at least that is my understanding.

My chest muscles however well defined enough that the surgeon could tuck the scars in under my chest muscles and they could come up under the arms.

At 7 months, there is still some swelling and the scars still need a bit longer to heal but the scars are indeed sitting quite nicely under the chest.

Speak to your own surgeon about scar placement and expectations around your end result.

First 4 Weeks

There wasn’t a lot I could do in terms of direct care for the scars for the first 4 weeks after my surgery as they were covered in brown surgical tape to keep them protected.

The chest wounds were the most painful part of this whole experience. It wasn’t unbearable at any point, but under the arms were very prickly and tender for a little while, and it was much worse than anything my abdomen had going on.

I also had a limited range of motion in my arms, so I couldn’t reach out far and was walking around with T-rex arms and was restricted to wearing button-ups or zip-up tops.

male chest reduction surgery recovery 4 weeks

My nipples also had an extra layer of protection stitched on to help reduce friction between them and the support garment I was wearing.

From the second week onwards I was having a weekly lymphatic drainage massage with a therapist who came to my house. That was to help reduce the swelling in both the chest and abdomen, which can play a role in final scar positioning, as far as I’m aware.

After 4 Weeks

After 4 weeks, I was no longer wearing surgical tape and I got the all-clear to start massaging my wounds.

I was told to give the front of the chest a couple of more weeks as the wounds looked a bit more tender, but I could start to work on the sides of the chest and under the arms. And I was glad about that because that is where I had more swelling and it was bunching up quite a bit.

male chest reduction under arm stitches tapes 4 weeks

I was still freaked out about my nipples and didn’t want to feel any sensation in them, so I kept a couple of cotton pads covering them to provide something to separate them from my tight-fitting support garment.

As I wasn’t wearing tapes anymore, I started using Kelo Cote scar gel to cover my wounds. You apply a thin layer of this gel and let it air dry for 4-5 minutes before you get dressed and go about your day. It is good for 24 hours so I would apply it after my shower each day.

kelo cote scar gel for abdominoplasty scars

Your surgeon may have their own recommendation on what scar treatment they want you to use, so listen to their advice and guidance.

After 6 Weeks

After 6 weeks, I got the all-clear to massage the front of my chest as well, so it got a bit more attention.

I was also more comfortable with my nipples so didn’t need the extra cotton pads.

I switched from the Kelo Cote Scar Gel to another one, called Derma E Scar Gel.

derma e scar gel surgical scars

I used this for hyperpigmentation after acne breakouts, and I know my skin reacts well to it. It is less sticky, easier to absorb into the skin, and more comfortable for me to use.

Again, please speak to your care team and follow their advice.

The reach in my arms was better so I could wear t-shirts again.

Around 10 Weeks

Around 10 weeks was when the range of motion in my arms was probably 100% back. There was still a slight pulling feeling when I reached overhead, but it wasn’t restricting me.

This meant I could work more deeply into my scars and massage out any knots or sticky areas.

male chest reduction arms chest reach 4 weeks

I was kind of doing this with my arm bent before, but being able to extend a straight arm up gave me more room to work than keeping my arms bent.

And Now

Since the 10-week mark until now, there hasn’t been much change in how I am treating my scars.

I am still massaging them twice a day. I am still applying Derma E twice a day. I am still following all the standard basic hygiene I feel I should be.

The swelling on my chest has gone down noticeably and is almost gone now. Most of the lingering swelling is on my abdomen. And the scars everywhere can take more than a year to heal so I am waiting it out.

But overall the process has been very smooth, looking after gynaecomastia surgery scars has been fairly easy, and I have no complaints.

Looking After Gynaecomastia Surgery Scars

One Word On My Scar Placement

One thing you will notice is that the scars on my chest are slightly uneven.

I was aware that this might happen before I went for my procedure. There was around 50% more tissue on the left side of my chest compared to the right that needed to be removed.


While the scars are uneven, the contour and shape of my chest are more symmetrical and that is something I wanted a bit more than worrying about scar symmetry.

I am happy with their placement, with the shape of my chest and with my current results.

But please do speak to your own surgeon or consultant and get their opinion and advice on what to expect in terms of your own end result. They’ll be best placed to give you advice, and guidance, and set realistic expectations.

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