Preparation For Abdominoplasty And Gynaecomastia Surgery

preparation for abdominoplasty and gynaecomastia surgery

In case you haven’t seen my previous posts or YouTube videos, I had my tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and chest reduction (gynecomastia procedure) on 23 March 2022.

I did record some of my thoughts in the few days leading up to my procedure and wanted to share what I was thinking and how I was feeling at the time.

I didn’t feel comfortable enough at the time to share that, but now 5 months post-op, I feel a lot more confident and a lot more ready.

Preparation For Abdominoplasty And Chest Reduction

I recorded the above video on 20 March, 3 days before my scheduled operation on 23 March.

The hospital still had Covid restrictions in place at the time and I was waiting for my PCR test results to know if my procedure would go ahead.

So I was a bit tense, apprehensive and a bit nervous. Not about the procedure itself – it was pretty much all because I was waiting on this damn test result.

I checked myself out in a size Small standard Reebok tank top and it was a bit baggy.

You could see I am in a fairly slim, lean condition with a little bit (and I mean a tiny bit) of muscle definition on my arms. Maybe a bit more if I tensed.

You can see a fairly lean physical condition with some muscle definition, and you can see a fairly slim frame. You can’t see when I have my top on just how much extra tissue I am carrying under my clothes.

So you won’t necessarily be able to tell from that that I have any loose skin, let alone how much.

When I tighten my tank top, you notice significant tissue bulges around my stomach and chest, and how low my chest skin droops.

These observations are based on what you see through my clothes, which is how most people encounter me daily.

Without the tank top, the amount of tissue becomes more apparent.

In the right lighting, there’s a faint hint of abdominal definition despite the extra tissue.

It reflects my previous level of leanness or physical condition, not to boast but to provide context.

Looking from the side angle, with gravity and leaning forward, the difference becomes even more prominent.

That was the state of my body about three days before the surgery.

My weight had been stable for a few years, and after losing weight during lockdowns, I reached my adult life’s lowest weight when I decided to proceed with the surgery.

preparation for abdominoplasty and gynaecomastia surgery

Five Months Recovery Post Abdominoplasty And Chest Reduction

I wasn’t comfortable sharing my “before” pictures until I felt really comfortable with my “after” pictures as well.

After 5 months, the scars are healing well with no complications, reduced swelling, and noticeable changes.

Swelling persists, taking about a year to fully subside alongside complete scar healing.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the results, as they greatly boosted my confidence.

The downside is realizing I should have been kinder to myself even before the surgery.

But that is another big topic and warrants a dedicated post all on its own.