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Amor Fati And Business

One of the things that has helped me through a lot of the ups and downs in 2020 has been discovering stoicism. If someone asks me to define stoicism or explain what it is, honestly I will still struggle because I don’t really know how to define it concisely. However I do understand the concept of it and the benefits …

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Memento Mori & Entrepreneurship

In the stress and anxiety that this year has caused for me and the complete upheaval in both my personal and professional life, I stumbled upon stoicism. And when I say stumbled, I literally mean stumbled. It was a bizarre chain of events: Going on vacation to Cancun in February meaning an 11 hour flight Me deciding to get and …

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3 Ways To Deal With Imposter Syndrome

If there is one thing that I can pinpoint above all else that has really probably held me back in my own business ventures, it si definitely imposter syndrom. Before I get into that, FYI you can use both spellings – imposter or impostor. Anyway, like I said, it is the one thing that has probably held me back more …

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