The 4 Best Body Positivity Podcasts For You To Listen To

best body positivity podcasts

Blog posts and social media are filled with ads – more often than not, from my own experience, the ads are ironically around food, fitness or weight loss. So when you’re on a body positivity journey, this can be problematic. I’ve listed out the best body positivity podcasts for you to listen to, distraction-free.

Disclaimer: I have tried to compile lesser-known podcasts in this list and also focus on ones which do include some mention of body positivity for men, purely because that is where my base of experience is from. But there are still plenty more great ones out there!

The Full Bloom Podcast – Body Positive Parenting

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You can listen here.

In a social media dominated world where 87% of women and 65% of men are thought to compare their bodies to others’ online, it is even easier for impressionable kids and teenagers to think they need to fit a certain standard, look a certain way, or feel like crap about their bodies.

Encouraging body positivity from a young age is crucial. As your kids grow up, encouraging self-appreciation and self-acceptance can boost their mental wellbeing, reduce the risk of eating disorders, and help steer them away from the toxic parts of diet culture.

That is exactly what Zoë Bisbing and Leslie Bloch, both eating disorder psychotherapists, set out to do with their podcast. If you’re a parent and want to raise kids to be happy, to be healthy, and to appreciate and accept themselves, this is a must-listen.

Food Psych Podcast – Best Podcast For Improving Your Relationship With Food

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You can listen directly on Christy’s website.

One of the consequences of negative body image is the strain it can place on your relationship with food. This includes banning foods, extreme dieting, demonising foods, and more.

So when talking about body positive podcasts, those that encourage a happy relationship with food deserve a mention.

In particular I’d recommend Episode #222 on orthorexia recovery.

Affirmation Pod By Josie Ong – Best Body Positivity Podcast For Self-Love

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You can listen on Apple.

What I love about Affirmation Pod is that it goes beyond just body positivity, into the broader topic of self-love.

We’re all our own harshest critics a lot of the time and most of us wouldn’t dream of talking to others the way we talk to ourselves, and that is why self-love is so important.

I’d particularly recommend Episode 331, on gratitude during tough times.

Fitness Drifter – Body Confident Health & Fitness

You can listen here and pick your preferred podcast platform.

Pardon the shameless plug – or don’t. But I put out my podcast with practical, actionable fitness advice from my own experience of eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, and more.

There are plenty of body positivity podcasts out there. Most of them are geared towards women. Body shaming and body image appear to be much more targeted at women, so that is completely logical.

I like to think mine is more gender-neutral, if not slightly more male-focused. Seeing as I am talking about my own experience, which is of course as a male, this makes sense.

So maybe it will eventually be the best body positive podcast for men in the world at some point in future.

But for now, it is me consistently turning up every week to talk about health, fitness, wellness, and nutrition from a self-acceptance and self-care point of view.

And there you have it – some of the best body positivity podcasts, and also throwing in my own for good measure.

If you do have any you’d like to share, let me know. Happy listening.

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