Weird Things I Listen To When Training

weird workout music choices

I’m always curious what people listen to when they work out.

I have been told before that I have the weirdest choice of workout music or, sound selection. We’ll call it that the weirdest choice of sound selection of anyone anywhere.

An Introduction To Podcasts

Since COVID started and gyms closed, I started walking a lot more.

And I find that being active or doing some movement, my brain is actually a lot more switched on.

So if I listen to a podcast or an audiobook, I actually absorb it a lot more than if I’m actually sitting down and trying to actively focus and listen.

From Walking To Strength Workouts

And then somehow I started trying to do that with my strength workouts as well. I was listening to a podcast while training and it actually went well.

I absorbed the podcast content really well. I felt that there was more intent and more purpose to every rep of every exercise on my workout and actually got a very good workout overall.

As a side note, which may or may not be relevant here, I have ADHD.

So it’s possible that somewhere along the road distracting my brain in different ways seems to help it switch on differently. And that seems to result in a better workout while absorbing a podcast. It’s not my specialist area so it’s 100% just a guess.

But it’s not just podcasts.

Meditative Workouts

I tend to also do well in strength workouts with calming meditation music.

Or also classical music, both orchestra and Indian classical music.

I think it’s something about the calmness that has the opposite effect of what a podcast does.

Whereas a podcast seems to make my brain busier, calming music slows it right down. So it channels my energy into one thing. And that is my workouts.

Both seem to work for me.

Typical Workout Music

But your sort of typical workout music like electro or dance or high speed or pop – those kinds of things, which generally most people do work out to – that doesn’t work for me, at least when I’m training on my own.

I don’t usually need music to try and lift me or lift my mood to actually get me into “workout mode”.

I tend to see my workouts as almost therapeutic. So needing to lift my mood or do something to get me into that frame of mind doesn’t quite align with that.

Group Workouts

On the flip side, doing a group workout or a class, I need it to be hit with high paced and high energy music.

I think part of the reason is that my mind is a bit obsessive about rhythm and things being in sync.

So it’s hard for me to do a strength-based workout, to fast-paced music, because I’m trying to synchronize the music to my movement. And that doesn’t necessarily work.

In a group workout or in a HIIT class or something, which is generally going to be quicker paced, it’s easier to try and get that synchronization as the moves are quicker. And that makes it easier for me to actually get a good workout.

The Les Mills Influence

Pre-Covid, I was qualified in Les Mills classes. With Les Mills, almost all of their workouts, pretty much sync to the music track that they include.

I was qualified in BodyPump, BodyBalance – which is also called BodyFlow if you’re in the US – BodyCombat and RPM.

All of these do synchronise the exercises to the music that they’re playing.

And the way my brain works to sync sound and movement, that just seemed to work perfectly for me.

What Are Your Weird Workout Music Choices?

So I’m also curious, have you listened to any weird music or audio choices when working out or am I the only one?

weird workout music choices

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