What Are The Main Happiness Hormones?

Let’s talk about some of the main happiness hormones.

I’m going to start with a disclaimer first that no one, apart from a medical professional or a qualified professional should be giving you specific advice on how to increase or decrease or manipulate your body’s hormone levels in any way.

General advice along the lines of “X, Y, Z have been shown to increase a certain hormone” is probably the upper limit of what most people can advise you, especially online.

A good example would be saying something like “getting x number of hours of good quality sleep can reduce your cortisol levels, which is your stress hormone, or have been shown to increase your testosterone levels.”

That’s probably where we’re at the upper limit.

Handling The Main Happiness Hormones

With all that said, I want to run through three of the main hormones that have been linked to our mood, our mental health, and some ideas within the bounds of what I can say on how to handle them.

And I choose the word “handle” very carefully because hormones are something that your body needs to keep in balance. Too much or too little can both be a bad thing.


First up is serotonin.

Serotonin plays a role in regulating mood, helping emotional stability, reducing feelings of depression and inducing feelings of calm and happiness.

Too little serotonin has been linked to anxiety and depression.

And too much, often from some kind of medication, has been linked to decreased sexual arousal.

It also stimulates the parts of the brain that control your sleeping and waking, which of course does have a knock on impact on your mood and mental health as well.

It does have other functions in the body as well. But we’re focusing mainly on the mind.

Foods that have been shown to increase serotonin are eggs, cheese, tofu, pineapple and some nuts.

Other ways to increase serotonin include meditation, an active lifestyle, exposure to sunshine and improving gut health.


Dopamine has been shown to stimulate feelings of pleasure, reward and motivation.

A lot of the time motivation to act or do something is driven by a desire for that dopamine hit.

And if you ever talked to someone and it’s about something they’re really passionate about and you see them get really excited and their eyes light up and they suddenly have this jolt of energy, that’s probably dopamine kicking in.

A lack of dopamine can lead to procrastination, lack of motivation, low energy, anxiety, and mood swings amongst other things

In terms of improving your dopamine levels naturally, protein-rich foods, sunlight, exercise, quality sleep, and certain types of music.


With endorphins, you have got alpha, beta, and gamma variations.

And endorphins are known to reduce feelings of pain and discomfort and increase feelings of pleasure and well-being.

Balanced levels of endorphins help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, help reduce feelings of pain and discomfort like I already said, and endorphins can be increased from dark chocolate, regular aerobic exercise, sexual intercourse.

And doing creative things.

On the flip side, this can also lead to feelings of addiction or obsession.

A good example is if you see how people get almost addicted to exercise.

You know, maybe they’ve gotten that endorphin rush from some of their workouts then as they’re working out more and more, they’re getting gradually desensitized to that level of endorphin. So they need to exercise for longer to get that same hit.

One More Word On Managing The Main Happiness Hormones

So those are three of the main happiness hormones, what they do and suggestions on how they can be increased naturally.

And just emphasize again, if you have any specific questions on how any of that applies to you, speak to a doctor.

They’ll be best placed to advise you.

There are also some supplements available, which have been known to increase or decrease certain happiness hormone levels. But I’m 99% sure all of them you would need a prescription for. And so you would need to speak to a doctor anyways.

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