Why Brain Dumps For Mental Health Are Awesome

brain dumps for mental health

Have you ever tried brain dumps for your mental health?

They are a great way to deal with an active and busy mind, channel your thoughts, and they can also help prevent feelings of overwhelm.

What Is A Brain Dump?

A brain dump is exactly what it sounds like.

When you are feeling stressed, blocked, or have too many things on your mind, you grab a pen and paper and note-making tool of your choice and just start letting it flow.

What Are The Benefits Of A Brain Dump?

It helps break down bigger ideas and busy thoughts into smaller, actionable tasks.

It can help reduce feelings of stress overwhelm and anxiety.

Memory recall comes into effect. You’re more likely to remember something if you’ve thought it through and also written it down.

You’re less likely to forget important details. I am prone to that constant lurking feeling that you’re forgetting something at the back of your mind and it happens a lot to me. But regular brain dumps help give me a bit of a safety net.

It can also help you rationalize and see the bigger picture.

Some Examples Of Brain Dumps

Things like a diary, a journal, and a mind map are all examples of brain dumps, but they can be even more casual than that.

It can literally just be you with a pen and paper writing down whatever’s on your mind.

And it can be very helpful for a lot of things.

Think about the number of things you need to bear in mind when planning for major events like weddings or special occasions like someone’s birthday or for holidays, making sure everyone’s got their passports and visa and accommodation and all your confirmations.

It could be regular day to day or week to week things, so juggling between your work life and scheduling family tasks, and putting in time for your fitness.

It can help with managing bigger projects for work. And from personal experience, it can also help with new businesses or when you’re starting up a new blog.

How I Started Using Brain Dumps

When I started this blog, I figured I wanted to do a daily podcast, but then I thought I’m scripting and recording content anyways.

And then for accessibility reasons, I also wanted a transcript or written version of what I was putting together.

So then I figured why not do a daily podcast and a daily blog and also a YouTube video to go with it. I did for a brief period but abandoned those plans as I wasn’t happy with my content quality, but that is a separate story.

And trying to figure out a logical process for putting all that together – so scripting, recording, extracting the audio, editing the video, getting the blog post ready, and then, you know, getting it all in place, then scheduling it ahead of time so it all comes out at the same time on a certain scheduled day – it nearly made my brain explode.

But I did a bit of a brain dump, worked out what part of my processes need to happen when, and how that’s going to work for each separate piece of content.

And then I kind of just went with it.

I did get to the point of having a process in place. I have changed strategy and approach since then, but I wouldn’t even have been able to get the initial experience without brain dumping a bit.

Try Brain Dumps For Mental Health

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or stressed, or like there are too many things going through your mind, maybe too many things to try and figure out, just grab a pen and paper, start with writing one thing, and then the rest will flow from there.

And that’s pretty much how all of my brain dumps have worked so far.

brain dumps for mental health

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